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World responsibility

Who actually bears the responsibility for the planet on which we live, for our earth? This is one of many questions that arise in the context of the RealityCheck. In one part of the course we deal with God’s creation. What does this have to do with me and my everyday life? What responsibility do we have towards creation and our fellow human beings? The Bible provides some hints and answers.

But which are the right questions?

How do you take this planet, our Earth, was?
How do you see your role, your position towards the earth?
Is the earth for you a resource that you can use for your life?

Already in the first book of the Bible – the Old Testament – we were given responsibility for God’s creation. Eve and Adam, for example, were allowed to choose the names for the animals that God created.


You can find many more hints in our course manuscript online or printed (in the future also filmed in short videos). With our materials you can work either in self-study or together with friends, acquaintances, in your house circle.


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