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Social responsibility

Besides the responsibility for the earth itself, we also got a responsibility towards our fellow human beings. Why? Because every single person who lives with us here on earth is a part of God’s creation. God is a loving God and because he loved us first, we can love one another.

No matter what we consume here on earth, it has a price. Whether we talk about food, clothing or technical equipment at this point does not matter at first. But why are some products so expensive to buy and others so inexpensive?

One pays the price. But who? In such a globalized world as the one we live in today, consumers often get little or nothing of the conditions in which a product is created.

When we think of slavery and exploitation, today we often only think of historical films or pirate stories from times long past. But is that really the case? Has slavery long been antiquated and no longer exists? Was it actually abolished by William Wilberforce and his comrades-in-arms, or does slavery still exist today (under other names?) in our immediate environment?


You can find many more hints in our course manuscript online or printed (in the future also filmed in short videos). With our materials you can work either in self-study or together with friends, acquaintances, in your house circle.


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