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Coram Deo becomes Reality Check

Very often we were asked what is Coram Deo, what does Coram Deo mean and what is behind the Coram Deo course. After a long time of thinking and some hesitation we decided to give our training program a new name.

Already when naming the Coram Deo Basic Course we gave it the nickname (claim) “A reality check”. Why? Because we and our course participants have repeatedly told us how their perception has changed as a result of the course. How the perspective on certain areas of life has changed. The Coram Deo Basic Course is not called a Basic Course because there is an Advanced Course, but because it ultimately goes to the basis of our lives.

The Coram Deo Basic course illuminates how my environment is actually shaped. What kind of culture do I actually live in? So what world view do I actually get from my family, friends, colleagues, people around me? Just as every society has and represents its own values, in the end it is no different for us Christians who have the mission to build God’s kingdom here on earth. We also represent certain values, the values of God’s culture.

Within the framework of the RealityCheck, we look at the basis of our lives. Our own world view. We question the culture in which we live and compare it with the culture of God as it is described in the Bible. Due to this reality check we have decided to rename the Coram Deo Basic Course or Coram Deo – A reality check to RealityCheck.

Due to technical reasons we have completely revised our website in the last weeks. Not only a new URL and a new name but a completely new website awaits you. Not only the optics and the technical substructure have been reworked. We have also started to work on the content concept. Little by little more new functionalities will follow. You will find all the latest news here on our homepage or via our social media channels.

Many greetings and a blessed time!

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