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Coram Deo Basic Course Review

From December 2016 to May 2017 we conducted the first Coram Deo Basic Course in Cologne with eight people, aged between 24 and 63 years, from three different churches.

We met weekly to read the German manuscripts together. These are based on the American original of the Disciple Nation Alliance, presented by Bob Moffit, Darrow Miller and Scott Allen and translated and contextualized by actMED e.V. into German.

The course contents, which seemed very theoretical and probably even boring to the participants in advance, developed to be very interesting and life-changing. Some of the participants didn’t really know what to expect and where the course would take them. Already after some meetings they were totally enthusiastic about the contents.

Despite the big age difference, different interests and belonging to different communities, a very strong feeling of belonging to a group developed in a very short time. During and after the input times through the manuscript, deep and personal conversations about what was heard quickly developed.

Over time, each member of the group has had the opportunity to open up, share personal thoughts and experiences, and receive prayer from the group for encouragement and development.

Already at the first meeting we could feel that the Holy Spirit was present, how God was in our midst, working and speaking to us.

At the beginning we did not know how the course would change us over time. In retrospect, we are all excited and feel like a closely-knit group of motivated and living Christians who are aware of the culture in which they live and the impact of their local actions in a global context.

In the Coram Deo Basic course we learned what kind of world and culture we live in and what cultural values God wants to place in this world. We have found that God wants to use us to build His kingdom on this earth where we live and work. He wants us to be ambassadors of His culture and to replace the lies that have sneaked into our daily lives with biblical truths in His authority.

In addition to the contents of the American original, we also spent time together, lived hospitality, ate together and enjoyed the time. We watched together the film about William Wilberforce – Amazing Grace. It is regarded as an example of what a person can achieve by following Jesus and how he can change society. He lived in England from 1759 to 1833, decided against the profession as a pastor and went into politics where he fought against slavery and slave trade for decades and finally abolished it.

After we have revealed together lies of the devil from our everyday life and replaced them with biblical truths, our attention turned to the characteristics and goals of seed projects. We got to know the basics for the implementation of seed projects, with which we can build God’s kingdom concretely where we live and work.

In May 2017, the participants received their certificate of participation at a final meeting. They also had the opportunity to give feedback.

In two months’ time we will meet again to see together how the seeds we have sown have developed.

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