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Who is behind RealityCheck?

Meet the trainers

At this point we would like to introduce you to our trainers and give you the opportunity to get in touch with them.


works as a project manager in an internet agency. He leads RealityCheck together with his wife Lena in Germany and is a founding member of actMED e.V.


is a teacher in a primary school near Cologne. Together with her husband Alex she runs the RealityCheck in Germany.


is a biochemist and works in the Department of Molecular Medicine/Tropical Laboratory in Kenya. In addition, she is a founding member of actMED e.V.

The RealityCheck is an eye-opening must-have for every Christian.

Daniel, founder

The course strengthened my curiosity about God and his character.

Nicole, student

I enjoyed this course very much because it shows how God's culture can and must be brought into this world.

Jenni, social pedagogue

The course helped me to read the Bible completely for the first time in six weeks.

Bruni, pensioner

I found the course to be very holistic. One is very enlightened about all world views.

François, apprentice

The course challenged me to live my faith where I am.

Lena, teacher

The RealityCheck helps Christians and churches to develop their full potential and live discipleship.

Alexander, media designer

Coram Deo

Is Latin and means translated into German: ``Life in the face of God``. This is the original title of the American course on which our Reality Check is based.
No matter where we stand, we as Christians want to be salt and light in our world.
RealityCheck is discipleship in a different way. A Christian course helps Christians to think and act on their own responsibility and according to biblical standards:

to question our secular ways of thinking / world views

to experience the biblical world view in our everyday life

Understanding poverty from a biblical perspective

to find biblical answers to the challenges of our society in word and deed

Coram Deo Trailer of DNA


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