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How should Christians and Christian churches respond to the global Covid-19 pandemic? I’d like to encourage us to see this crisis as an opportunity unlike any in our lifetime—an opportunity to love and serve our neighbors who are gripped by fear and anxiety, who are isolated, who need help. In earlier times, pandemics like Covid-19 were called “plagues.”

From December 2016 to May 2017 we conducted the first Coram Deo Basic Course in Cologne with eight people, aged between 24 and 63 years, from three different churches. We met weekly to read the German manuscripts together. These are based on the American original of the Disciple Nation Alliance, presented by Bob Moffit, Darrow Miller and

Who actually bears the responsibility for the planet on which we live, for our earth? This is one of many questions that arise in the context of the RealityCheck. In one part of the course we deal with God's creation. What does this have to do with me and my everyday life? What responsibility do we

Besides the responsibility for the earth itself, we also got a responsibility towards our fellow human beings. Why? Because every single person who lives with us here on earth is a part of God's creation. God is a loving God and because he loved us first, we can love one another. No matter what we consume here